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Please read the text below headed IMPORTANT NOTE prior to performing costs calculation.

To perform a costs calculation simply insert the figures (no commas, decimal points or pence please).

1. Enter the approximate total value of all the deceased’s assets owned in the deceased’s sole name (ignore any mortgage or debts).

2. Click on the check box if the deceased owned land jointly with another person.

3. Click on the check box if the deceased owned stocks and/or shares.

4. Click on the calculate box.

1. Deceased's assets owned in sole name? £  Put in the approximate total value. Do not deduct any debts (e.g. mortgage).
2. Land jointly owned with another person? Tick this box if the deceased owned land in joint names with anyone else.
3. Stock/shares owned by the Deceased?


This calculation is not a quotation but a guide to the likely level of fees and disbursements for a probate in England & Wales. Figures may vary according to the different circumstances of the given case. However, it does not apply if the deceased died domiciled outside England & Wales or if assets are situated abroad in which event please let us know and then we can give a rough assessment of the likely costs in this situation.

Please specifically note the following:-

The estimate on our calculator includes the registration of a jointly owned property in the survivor’s sole name but it does not include the conveyancing fees for a sale.
The cost include the preparation and submitting of an Inheritance Tax Return to the Inland Revenue where required but it does not include dealing with past Income Tax Returns or queries or Tax Planning advice. We only give advice of a general nature and Tax Planning is a specialist area.
Estimates for legal fees are given on request and are subject to our normal terms and conditions.
There may be steps that can be taken to reduce possible Inheritance Tax.
There may be additional disbursements depending on the assets.
The figure for legal fees is an approximation of our likely fees in a straightforward case. Our fees will vary depending upon the nature of the estate and any specific requirements.
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